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Sit back, order and relax

Sit back

Don't wait for the menu.

Open the tsjing app. Browse the digital menu or search for your favorite food and/or drinks.


Don't wait to order.

Send your selection to the bar and/or kitchen. Instantly pay with your preferred mobile payment method.


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Get served or get notified to pick-up your order. Don't wait to pay at the end of your visit.

Key features

One for all

Order & pay at all your favorite venues with one single app.

Venue discovery

Find venues near you or search for your favorite venues.

Digital menu

Choosing made easier. Our smart search lets you find your favorite food and drinks faster than ever. 

Product discovery

Discover more about known & unknown products.


Our in-app mobile payment saves you from waiting to pay, queuing for tokens or cash hassle. 

Order status notifications

Always keep track of your order status via the in-app notification center or via push notifications.

Mobile payment options

User reviews

“Amazed about what tsjing can do for you #paradisecity”
Katrien van Dooren

“How cool is that tsjing app?! @Payconiq @Bocadero”
Thomas Opdenacker

“Best app , lost my liver and woke up naked in Sjanghai! The world needs this!”
Pieter Jorissen

“It is a very handy app! Ideal solution for those long queues at events. Where can we buy shares? ;)”
Martin Van Sluijs

“Top app”
Stijn Sablon

“Ah! At last someone to help me order my drinks! Great app”
Bart Mertens

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