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Waiting or queuing to order, to pay or to buy tokens slows down consumption and leads to missed revenues.

Tsjing app users use their smartphones to send their orders straight to the bar and/or kitchen without the waiting or queuing. They can pay with one of the many cashless payment options. Due to this lower order and payment threshold they order and spend more than non tsjing users.

Your team will be able to operate more efficiently as they can process much more orders in the same timeframe with the same or even with a lower staffing level. 

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Lorenz Lievens

Through the intuitive interface, customers can easily find their way to the right choice.

We can promote dishes or drinks via the app or put suggestions in the spotlight. After a short introduction even our older visitors are completely hooked. Especially when they realise they no longer have to wait for a waiter to place their order. And if they want to call a waiter, they can do this via the app.

Lorenz Lievens 

Operational Manager 

marc de leeuw

KBC organizes 1.500 customer events a year, where tsjing contributes to raising customer experience.

Order a drink via tsjing and it will be delivered immediately. Even for events where customers have to pay for their consumptions, the story stays very simple ... order via the app, pay with Payconiq and get ready. You don’t have to leave your chair or table, you don’t have to get the waiter’s attention to get the bill ... the benefits are countless. KBC believes in tsjing and promotes them actively with its partners.

Marc De Leeuw 

Director Sponsoring & Events

Jean-Michel Teerlinck

For a number of years, Night Shift has been offering exhibitors the opportunity to order their drinks from a distance via tsjing.

Exhibitors do not have to leave their booth to offer their visitors a drink. They can order cold drinks, glasses, ice buckets and even services like ‘collect empty glasses’ to keep the booth nice and tidy. Visitors also get a personal butler when they order their drinks from the dance floor or at a table in the food corner. Never queuing at the different bars and served within minutes! Tsjing is both for us, exhibitors and visitors an incredible added value to the experience and quality of the Night Shift concept.

Jean-Michel Teerlinck 

Managing Partner